Why FEA Distributors?

Our priority is to make you more successful than you currently are. If we do not increase your business, there is no reason to have us as a partner. Anyone can just deliver product.

How do we do it?

Why are we successful?

We have a team with a wide variety of experience in sales, fixed operations, and product. We bring all this to you because it provides a better understanding of your needs. We, together, define the goals and action items to meet our collective expectations. Product knowledge alone will not increase your business. Because of all of this experience, we make installations seamless, where we do most of the work; even entering the op codes for you.


We provide the best product in the industry. We are not limited to just chemicals; as we have a full line of detail products, and many others to help meet your goals. Our equipment is easy to use, which will help get the support of the technicians on your site. It is important to have everyone on board to maximize results.


Lastly, we are about providing the best service possible. We will have regular reviews with management so that you can easily air your concerns. We will have monthly reviews to insure that you are satisfied with our people, products, and programs.

About Us

FEA specializes in growing automotive dealership revenue and profit.

As the Nation's largest distributor of Petra Oil products, we have the experience and understanding of todays automotive dealer.

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Feel free to call or email us at anytime.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations in everything we do.


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