Real-Time Location • Theft Protection •
Vehicle Health Scans • Smart Alerts

A Smarter Connected Car

When you buy a SafePoint GPS™ connected car, the information you want and need is at your fingertips.
SafePoint GPS™ makes your car smarter

In A Connected World...

you can locate your vehicle anytime, anywhere!

SafePoint GPS Features:

  • Real-time Location
  • Location History
  • Track Your Mileage
  • 24/7 Vehicle Security
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance



Robust, User-Friendly Features

Smarter Features Mean a Smarter Car

Peace Of Mind

Our user-friendly app makes managing your car EASY, from setting up geofence alerts or maintenance notifications, to monitoring your teen driver behind the wheel. The information you want is just a click away.

Vehicle alerts and Notifications

With SafePoint GPS™, you turn on the alerts and notifications that are important to you:

  • Low Battery
  • Low Fuel
  • Vehicle outside of Geofence
  • Speeding
  • Unauthorized Motion
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Report Stolen Vehicle



Simple user interface

The right info at the right time

Set up the alerts and notifications that are important to you and let SafePoint GPS™ and CarRx go to work for you!

A Smarter Car...

Keeps your informed wherever you are

SafePoint GPS™ delivers valuable vehicle location and health information to you on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.



Automation on Auto-pilot

The Dynamic Duo

SafePoint GPS™ and CarRx work together to deliver valuable vehicle health, location, and driver performance information to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Seamlessly move between both apps to protect and secure your vehicle, schedule service and maintenance, get critical location, speeding, low-battery, and low fuel alerts.

Monitoring Features

  • Location on demand
  • Location history tracking
  • Speeding alerts
  • Teen/high risk driver control
  • Notifications when vehicle enters a no drive zone that you preset
  • Movement alerts when your car should be parked
  • Stop location, time, and date
  • Access to vehicle information using any mobile device
  • Map, satellite, and road and street views
  • Manage multiple vehicles in one app
  • Get notifications by phone, text, or app

Maintenance features

  • Performs detailed vehicle health scans
  • Explains check engine light codes
  • Know the severity and consequences of each issue
  • Automatic reminders as you approach service date
  • Notifies you of manufacturer's recommended service and maintenance when it is due
  • Fuel level monitoring
  • Low battery status alerts
  • Check open recalls on your vehicle
  • Schedule service appointments from your smartphone

Real-time Inventory & Monitoring for Car Dealerships

Lot Management • Theft Protection • Improved Customer Experience



CarRx is your Service Concierge

CarRx is a service concierge that allows vehicle owners to take control of their vehicle's health, service, and maintenance. You will always be up-to-date on manufacturer's service and maintenance recommendations, open recalls and pesky check engine light codes.

You will receive dealer coupons and promotions that save you money, while keeping your vehicle healthy and on the road!

With one click you can identify any vehicle health issues and book appointments with the dealership to service your vehicle.


The CarRx Advantage

The CarRx service concierge helps you manage the health of your vehicle. CarRx is a Fitbit for your car!

CarRx Features:

  • Schedule Service Appointments from your SmartPhone
  • Call shop
  • Check recalls
  • Diagnose check engine codes
  • Get manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule
  • Monitor vehicle maintenance history

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